We Have a Passion for Wellness

Your IV is unique from other IV therapy companies as it is 100% mobile and brings the IV therapy directly to wherever you are. We start off all treatments with a thorough assessment and understand each client’s unique health history and wellness goals. Once our Nurse Practitioner has thoroughly reviewed your individual file we travel to your home, office or hotel room and provide a complete concierge service making the experience as comfortable and convenient for you.

In addition, we offer customized vitamin infusions. Each client is unique and different. Your IV gives clients the option to opt into a full assessment and consultation with our Naturopath. During the consultation, you will have an in-depth review of your health and we will customize infusion bags specifically for vitamins and minerals your body needs to be at optimal performance.

Your Wellness, Your IV – Wellness starts with a body that is balanced with essential electrolytes, fluids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our IVs provide exactly that.

Increase your energy, boost immunity, hydrate, cleanse and detoxify YOUR body

At YourIV, our main priority is exemplary Patient Care & superior Customer Service. Our Vision, Mission, and Values outline how we fulfill that commitment.

Our Vision:

Health • Wellness • Happiness

Our vision at YourIV is to support and inspire our clients to live healthier & happier lives by partnering with them to achieve their wellness goals.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission at YourIV is to provide our patients with services & knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle & make healthier choices. We create customized treatments and make them as accessible as possible by providing them wherever our patients may be. By providing these personalized treatments, we help our patients live better lives, and that is what motivates us.


Our Values:

Customer Commitment – YourIV prides itself in delivering personalized & customized treatments based on patients’ health & long term health & wellness goals.

Passion – YourIV has healthcare team members who are passionate about their work & in helping patients reach their health goals. We are driven by seeing the results of these treatments and knowing that we help our patients to enjoy life to the fullest.

Excellence – YourIV healthcare team members have a commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of IV therapy treatment. That means we are always learning & improving to ensure they are aware of the latest healthcare advances & research for optimum patient care.

Integrity – YourIV always upholds the highest standards of professional practices and integrity in all of our actions.

Team Work – YourIV team members work together and share their expertise and years of experience to ensure the healthcare goals of the patients are achieved. By drawing on the knowledge of a range of diverse healthcare professionals, we can find the best possible solution for each patient’s individual needs.

Health, Wellness, Your IV

With YourIV Therapy treatments you’ll receive more nutrients, sustained energy for days and fast acting that immediately help the body begin healing itself.

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