Skin Nourishment


Plant extracts and antioxidants for skin radiance, hydration and appearance.

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Formulated by Shelena Lalji, M.D., the founder and medical director of the Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center in Sugar Land, Texas.

Skin Nourish contains a special blend of nutrients that work within the body to provide skin radiance, hydration and a nourished appearance.

Skin production of collagen declines with age, which can impact skin elasticity and moisture retention. In addition, environmental stressors can result in damage to the skin cells, which may cause changes in colouration and turnover. SkinAx2 is a specialized blend of clinically studied ingredients containing polyphenolic compounds from grape seed, superoxide dismutase concentrate from melon, vitamin C, and zinc. These antioxidants promote skin radiance by supporting healthy skin, elasticity and facial luminosity. Vitamin C and zinc are also used for growth and development of connective tissues in the body, including collagen.

Skin hydration depends on key lipids called ceramides. As we age, we start losing ceramides, resulting in dry and itchy skin, pulling sensations, and wrinkles. A double-blind, placebo study showed that Ceramosides phytoceramides improved and supported skin hydration and elasticity in 15 days. This formula also offers bamboo, a source of silica.


  • Support for moisture retention, elasticity and appearance of the skin

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